Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Viral Traffic Experiment

I am involved in a little viral traffic experiment. Viral traffic is one of the cheapest ways of getting traffic to your site. This little experiment could be very interesting, so lets see what happens.

If you have your own blog, and want to create some viral back links and have some fun, I invite you to participate with me. While none of us will make a single penny from this, it will be a fascinating experiment to see where the viral nature of this leads us!


Copy the list of 10 blogs below. Take the #1 name off the list, and add your blog name in the #10 spot. Link your blog name and url, and post this newly revised list to your blog. Visit 100 blog owners and invite them to do the same thing on their blog.

3. Fax Marketing
4. Jack Squatro
5. DidYouSmellThat
6. TurboRecruiting
7. RyanShamus
8. Martial Arts Supplies
9. Make Money Online
10.Learn About Health

There is no money, no $5 reports, no instant cash in the mail. Just a blogging viral tribute to the greatest chain letter creator of all time, Mr. Edward L. Greene!

Pretty simple, huh? Test this out and watch what happens to your Technorati score!

As part of our social engineering experiment, you'll be able to track the backlinks in Technorati or Marketleap within a few weeks.