Friday, July 6, 2007

My Personal Health And Safety

My personal health was in jeopardy this morning.
When I leave for work in the morning the trip normally takes about 45 minutes. I leave home about 5:30 a.m. The trip is broken up into two parts. For about 20 minutes I travel on local country roads. The remainder of the trip is on the highway. This morning there was an accident on the highway.

For approximately 15 minutes the traffic was stopped. When it started to move it moved very slowly. Shortly before the accident scene, I was cut off by a transport truck. I nearly became a Corolla sandwich ( yup I drive a Toyota Corolla). I was to the left of the truck when its driver decided to change lanes. I laid on the horn to no avail. As he came into my lane I had no option but to go into the lane to my left. The guy in the minivan to my left pulled on to the shoulder of the road allowing me into his lane.

In retrospect I believe that the truck driver could not hear my horn but the guy to my left did hear it. I would publicly like to thank that driver for pulling over to the shoulder and preventing another accident.